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Invitational 2014 - Courtney DeBerry - Delta Arts Center
  • 15 Feb 14
    • AUTHOR Magalie Yacinthe
    • CATEGORY Blog

    Invitational 2014 – Courtney DeBerry

    SevenCourtney DeBerryty times seven is the number associated with the amount of times we  are commanded by Jesus Christ to forgive. Each piece of this triptych represents a loved one who has forgiven me seventy times seven times. It is a work of gratitude for the thankless years they have invested. This piece was designed to stay connected in the same way that every family was pieced  together by God for the success of our people. As you view this piece, please take a moment to leave pain from the past here in this spot and consider giving  forgiveness one more chance, for family is the greatest gift of all. – Matthew 18: 21-2

    Courtney is currently as student at Salem College.