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Invitational 2014 - Chantel Setzer - Delta Arts Center
  • 15 Feb 14
    • AUTHOR Magalie Yacinthe
    • CATEGORY Blog

    Invitational 2014 – Chantel Setzer

    Chantel SetzerAccording to Webster’s School Dictionary a symbol is something that stands for something else; esp: something concrete that represents or suggests another thing that cannot in itself be represented or visualized: Emblem <the cross is the symbol of Christianity>.

    Through abstract expressionism I use symbols such as shapes, colors, and numerical clusters on wood to depict my life experiences through my work. I have been deeply influenced by the people, places and works I have studied so my artwork pays homage to the past and present through the images of these simple universal symbols. From the first ancient cave paintings and astronomical references, to the biblical referenced works of Gentile da Fabriano and Henry Ossawa Tanner, to the spiritual referenced work of Wassily Kandinsky symbolism has always been an important part of art in all generations since art has begun. Even If you do not connect with my intentions of the work, hopefully one could draw conclusions from their own life experiences through the universal symbols I use.