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Invitational 2014 - Artist Focus - Joyce Fulton - Delta Arts Center
  • 14 Feb 14
    • AUTHOR Magalie Yacinthe
    • CATEGORY Blog

    Invitational 2014 – Artist Focus – Joyce Fulton

    There are 33 artist in the Invitational 2014@ Delta Arts current show. We will post some of the artist statements.

       Joyce says I’m a rIMG_20140206_183145esident of Kernersville, NC. A devoted wife and mother of two adult children, I believe that a life   well lived is one that honors sharing, praying and learning. A self-taught “Soulful Folk Artist” is how I describe my work. I use inspiration to direct my strokes. My work is straightforward, uncomplicated and conveys my culture. I’ve been told that there is a musical element to my paintings, a rhythm. My goal is to create a feeling of joy that uplifts the spirit of the viewers. I want my work to provoke a feeling of harmony and peace deep within the soul of each viewer”. I love to paint and I hope you can feel the “Love”.