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Delta Arts Center | Archive, History of Exhibitions and Special Events


Delta Fine Arts: History of Exhibitions and Special Events

“Reflections: The Afro-American Artist” Paintings, Sculpture and Graphics (Benton Convention Center) [8-15 October]

“Highlights from the Atlanta University Collection of African-American Art (Hanes Community Center) [28 April – 12 May]

“The Black Presence in the American Revolution” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit (Salem College Fine Arts Center)

Milton Fletcher: Folk paintings
Marvette Aldrich: Paintings and Drawings
Barbara Eure: Sculpture
Hayward Oubre: Paintings and Wire Sculpture
Francis H. Brown: Paintings
Ricardo Lewis, Irvin Hines: Paintings (University Place Housing Complex)

Head of a Young Man1983
Stephanie Pogue: Etchings
Irvin Riley: Paintings
Ann Brewer: Watercolors
“Black American Landmarks: Interpreters of History” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit
“Black Women: Achievements Against the Odds” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit

Leo Twiggs: Batik Paintings
Clarence E. Nottingham: Photographs
Residents of Sunrise Towers Housing Complex Art Classes: Paintings
Roland Watts: Prints
Delta Fine Arts Members and Local Artists: Crafts


Samuel J. Brown: Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings [17 February – 23 March]

Elizabeth Catlett: Sculpture and Prints (Urban League Building) [23 May – 20 June] with address by the artist on 23 May
Francis H. Brown: Paintings
Atkins High School Graduating Classes, 1930-70: Photographs [5 January – 14 March]

Romare Bearden: Prints
Edwin Harleston: “A Time Remembered” Paintings [22 March – 25 April]
“Long Road Up the Hill: Blacks in the US Congress, 1870-1983” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit
Vandorn Hinnant: Paintings (Arts Council Board Room)
“These Bricks Have Stood the Test of Time” Photographs celebrating the life of master brickmaker George Henry Black [17 May – 20 June]
Residents of University Place Housing Complex: Paintings

“Black Journalists: Then and Now” Permanent Loan from Winston-Salem Chronicle
Dolls from Three Winston-Salem Collections

Samella Lewis: Paintings
John Biggers: “Paintings and Drawings, 1949-89” [11 February – 9 March]
Jonathan Green: Paintings
“The Many Faces of Haitian Paintings: Selections from the Collection of John and Vivian Hewitt” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [15 July – 20 August]
“Haiti: The First Black Republic” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit
Franklin Williams: Paintings

James Van Der Zee: Photographs, from the Collection of Dr. Regenia Perry
“Black Women Artists, North Carolina Connections” in collaboration with North Carolina Central University Museum
Photographs Documenting the Life of Brickmaker George Black

Lois Mailou Jones: Paintings and Drawings
“Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: The Rise of Black Churches in Eastern American Cities, 1740-1877” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit (Diggs Gallery) [3 January – 3 February]
“We’ve Come This Far by Faith: A Historical View of the Black Church in Forsyth County” (Diggs Gallery) [3 January – 3 February]
“Field to Factory: Afro-American Migration 1915-1940” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit, with a local component curated by Delta Fine Arts (Diggs Gallery) [14 July – 11 August]

John and James Biggers: “Origins” and “Ascension” murals commissioned by Delta Fine Arts from C. G. O’Kelly Library, Winston-Salem State University [Presentation on 28 March]
J. Eugene Grigsby, Jr.: Paintings and Prints [29 March-1 May]
“Winston-Salem Delta Fine Arts: the First Twenty Years”
Francis H. Brown: Paintings

Francis Baird: Paintings
“Black Theater in Photographs” from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York
Leo Twiggs: “We Have Known Rivers” Batik Paintings
Lavon Williams: Sculpture and Paintings
Marie Tribble Campbell: “Creation With You in Mind” Needlepoint

Charles Alston: “New Negro Artist”
Freddie Styles: “Works on Paper”

“Evidence of A Culture” Juried Works by North Carolina Artists, organized by African-American Cultural Center, Charlotte [15 January – 17 March]
Malvin Gray Johnson: “Harlem Renaissance Master, Paintings and Drawings”
Verna Hart: “Jazz Plus, Paintings and Prints” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building and Delta Fine Arts)
“The Story of the Biggers Murals, Origins and Ascension” photos and text documenting the project from conception to completion
Composer William Grant Still: “Celebrating the Centenary” Exhibit of Photographic, Printed and Digital materials
Francis H. Brown: Paintings

Ernest Crichlow: Paintings and Prints (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building)
Ernest Crichlow: “Portraits of Exceptional African-American Scientists” commissioned by CIBA-GEIGY
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Students: “Creative Responses to the Biggers Murals (Arts-in-Education Project) [28 April – 28 June]
Lee Cox and Irvin Riley: Paintings (Arts Council Board Room)

P.H. Polk: Traveling Exhibition of Photographs from Southern Arts Federation
John Wilson: “African-American-Mexican Connection” Paintings and Sculpture
Hughie Lee-Smith: “…of time and space” Paintings (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [13 February – 15 March]
James Biggers: Paintings and Drawings [14 June – 9 August]
“An Artistic Journey: Selections from the Hewitt Collection of African-American Art (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [3 July – 9 August]

“The Story of the Biggers Murals, Origins and Ascension” photos and text documenting the project from conception to completion
Robert Reid: “Landscapes” Watercolors (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [12 February – 14 March]
Charles Farrar: “The Myth of Wood” Woodturnings [25 April – 12 June]
Leo Twiggs: “Explorations and Improvisations: Batik Paintings” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [9 July -8 August]
Juan Scivally: “Untraveled Journeys: Paintings”
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe: Photographs [10 October – 4 December]

Lilian Thomas Burwell: “From Painting to Painting as Sculpture” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [18 February – 20 March]
Geneva Brown: Paintings [24 April -18 June]
Haitian Artists, Gifts from John and Vivian Hewitt to Delta Fine Arts [24 April – 18 June]
Ann Tanksley: Paintings and Prints (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [15 July – 14 August]
Michael Cunningham: “Crowns: Portraits of African-American Women in Church Hats” Photographs
Barbara Eure: Woodcarvings, Pottery, Masks, Batik Paintings [25 September – 19 November]

Regenia Perry: “Brown Sugar and Spice: Holiday Doll Collection” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building, and Delta Fine Arts)
Robert Reid: “Early Paintings” from June Kelly Gallery, New York
“Crossroads Quilters: Southern Visions, Stitching the Community Together” from the Southern Arts Federation [16 June – 4 August]
“Minnie Evans Dreams in Color” from St. John’s Museum, Wilmington (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [20 July – 19 August]
Chandra Cox: “I Remember Where I Come From” Paintings [10 September – 3 November]

“The Art of Aaron Douglas—The Harlem Renaissance and Beyond” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [21 January – 17 March]
“Black Off Broadway: Photographs by Bert Andrews and Carmen de Jesus” (Milton Rhodes Gallery, Sawtooth Building) [5 July – 4 August]
Winston and Rosa Eugene: Pottery [22 September – 17 November]
Len Woods: Sculpture
Ann Bonner: Paintings
High School Students

Lloyd Bennett: “Recent Works” Paintings [6 January – 8 March]
Leo Rucker: Paintings [13 July – 17 August]
Carl Karni-Baines
William Edouard Scott
James McBride
Eve’s Descendents: Photographs
Michael Cunningham

“Black Women: Achievements Against the Odds” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit [9 February – 9 March]
Dell Godbold: Paintings [22 March – 19 April]
Lloyd Bennett
Vandorn Hinnant
James Williams
John Biggers
Art Auction [6 December]

“Four Young Artists” (Jeromy Bailey, Joshua Beamer, James Cason, Thomas Twiggs) [2 February – 1 March]
Michael Cunningham: “Spirit of Harlem” Photographs [26 February – 31 March]
“Crossing Borders: A Exhibition of Paintings by Francisco Gracia and Raul Montero” (last exhibit held in the little house on east Third Street, home to Delta Fine Arts since 1982) [6 July – 15 September]

Grand Opening of the New Delta Arts Center, 2611 New Walkertown Road [14 January]
“Five Contemporary Voices in a New Space” (Chandra Cox, Nanette Carter, Lisa Corrine Davis, Philemona Williamson, Debra Priestly) [5 January – 15 March]
Marvette Aldrich: “Just Skin—An Examination of Color Prejudice” [1 April – 7 May]
11th Annual Young People’s Exhibit, in collaboration with The Links, Inc. [6 May – 13 June]
Leo Twiggs: “Myths & Metaphors” [21 July – 11 September]
Ron Adams: “Artist and Master Printmaker” [13 November – 14 January 2006]

Jonathan Green: “Sharing the Chores” Works on Paper [5 February – 24 March]
“Row Upon Row” Sea Grass baskets of the South Carolina Lowcountry [5 February – 24 March]
12th Annual Young People’s Exhibit, in collaboration with The Links, Inc. [April]
Raul Montero: “Ignoring the Impossible” Paintings [14 May – 30 June]
Earnestine Rainey Huff: A Retrospective [18 July – 2 September]
“Blurring Racial Barriers” a community arts initiative [17 September – 28 October]
“Voices of African-American Health” Photographs, in collaboration with The Maya Angelou Research Center on Minority Health [5 November – 22 December]

“Samplers and Symmetry: Pieces by Area African-American Quilters” [7 January – 3 February]
“Celebration: Nine Artists Commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Winston-Salem Delta Fine Arts, Inc.” (Tonya Ingersol, Frank Wimberley, Alex Harsley, Moe Brooker, LeRoy Henderson, Charles Martin, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, John Pinderhughes, Colin Chase) [18 February -14 April]
“Carolyn Maitland in Retrospect: Works on Paper, Etchings, Watercolors, Prints” [1 June – 14 July]
Michael Cunningham and Connie Briscoe: “Jewels—50 Phenomenal Black Women Over 50” Photographs [22 July – 11 September]
“From This Earth: Ceramics by Willie Owens-Hart and her Followers (Awatif Al kenebit, Terry deBardelaben, Sharif Bey, Rashida Ferdinand, Tricia Bishop, Chizura Imura, Barbara Madden-Swain, Reginald Pointer, Kathleen Varnell, Kay Wongchardentham) [11 November – 19 January 2008]

“Solitude and Solidarity: the Art of Elizabeth Catlett” Prints, and filmed Conversation with Dr. Maya Angelou) [5 February – 12 April]
“Lois Mailou Jones: The Early Works, Paintings & Patterns 1927-1937” [20 June – 4 August]
“To Vivian and John With Love: Greeting Cards from African-American Artists” [16 November – 10 January]

“Samplers and Symmetry II: Pieces by Area African-American Quilters” [25 January – 28 March]
Winston-Salem Recreation Department: Silver Arts [April] ????????
Vandorn Hinnant: “Of Numbers and Other Mysteries” Paintings [2 August – 26 September]
“Photographs of the Winston-Salem Black Panther Party” [October – November]
Tonya Ingersol: “The Madness of Kings” [15 November – 23 January 2010]
Natalie Tamara Madden

“Homegrown Invitational” Juried Exhibition of Local African-American Artists [12 February – 31 March]
Winston-Salem Recreation Department: Silver Arts [April]
“The Subject is Woman: Pieces from the Collection of Patrick & Judith Diamond” [9 May – 3 July]
“100 Years of Scouting: An African-American Perspective” [11 July – 21 August]
Nellie Ashford: “Nellie’s People” Paintings, Collages, Drawings [31 August – 23 October]
Rik Freeman: “The Chittlin Circuit Review” Paintings [22 October – 15 January 2011]

“Samplers and Symmetry III: Pieces by Area African-American Quilters” [1 February – 26 March]
Winston-Salem Recreation Department: Silver Arts [5 April – 28 April]
Norton Barnhill: “Lines: Texture: Color” Abstract Paintings [3 May – 30 June]
Carmen de Jesús: “Releasing the Spirit, Faces of the Theatre” Photographs [26 July – 3 September]
“The Four Seasons of John Totten” Photographs [20 September – 12 November]
Charles Farrar: “Vessels” Woodturnings [20 November – 21 January]

“Bunce Island: A British Slave Castle in Sierra Leone” Photographs, in partnership with The Links, Inc. and Winston-Salem State University  [25 January – 9 February]
“Loved Through the Years: Three Centuries of Black Dolls”  [12 February – 31 March]
Winston-Salem Recreation Department: Silver Arts Senior Exhibit  [5 April – 26 April]
“Papermen” Photographs by Christine Kirouac  [20 May – 30 June]
“Puzzle: Master Artists, Friends” Paintings by Ale Fuentes, Antonio Villamil, Cedey de Jesus, Ismael Gomez Peralta, Gabriel Orenstein, Raul Montero, Reinaldo Vargas, and Violeta de Arana  [15 July – 15 October]
“Forty Pieces from Forty Years” 40th Anniversary Art Auction Exhibit  [28 October – 13 December]


“The Story of the Biggers Murals”  [16 December 2012 – 12 January 2013]
“Samplers & Symmetry IV: Pieces by Area African-American Quilters”  [20 January – 02 May]
Second Spring Senior Visual Arts Exhibit  [07 – 24 May]
“Leo Rucker: An Artist in Our Community” Exhibit  [02 June – 20 July]
Creative Movements: Recent Works by the National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities Exhibit [27 July – 26 October]
Creating: Quilts & Crafts of the Lakota [3 November 2013– 25 January 2014]

Creative Movements: Recent Works by the National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Exhibit – July 27 – October 26, 2013

Curated by Marvette Pratt Aldrich

Exhibition of recent works by the National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This organization contains many nationally and internationally known African-American artists from across the country. In addition to the wide variety of painting, pastel, sculpture, mixed media, quilts, and prints presented by this collective exhibit of 26 different artists; also featured in this exhibit is an interactive Yoruba altar honoring the goddess of the ocean and mother of all saints, Yemoja, as well as a graphic arts video produced as a tribute to Travon Martin. View the list of artists below and click on their link to learn more about the artist and their works.

The Artists:

Dr. / Rep. Alma Adams          Fred Ajanogha          Marvette Pratt Aldrich

Art Bacon                     Peggy Blood                Ricky Calloway

Willis Bing Davis          Louis Delsarte          Phillip Dotson

Barbara Eure          Tracie L. Hawkins          Vandorn Hinnant

Ann Johnson          Hasaan Kirkland          Carina Maye

Desmond McFarlane          Teo Melchishua          Tracey Moore

Marcella Hayes Muhammad          Rabb Muhammad          Arthea Benita Perry

Lee Ransaw          Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr.          Leo Twiggs

Bryan Wilson          Dennis Winston

Click here to read the WS Journal Article on this exhibition written by Tom Patterson (October 13, 2013)



Invitational 2014 @ Delta Arts [4 February – 26 April]
Tracy Lindenthal: Alien Landscapes [6 May – 20 June]
Experiencing Tolliver: Selections from the Dr. James and Juanita Pilgrim Collection [ 6 November 2014- 31 January 2015]

2020 – 2023


“Tapestries of A Legacy”

Quilts by the African American Quilt Circle

The African American Quilt Circle (AAQC) was founded in Durham, NC, in 1998 with the purpose of preserving the heritage of quilting in the African American community. Twenty years later, the AAQC has grown into an arts group with over 60 members of quilters and quilt aficionados who live in the Triangle and surrounding areas.


 50th Anniversary Series Celebrating Our Legacy. This exhibition Conserving: A Legacy: Works by HBCU Professors honors the continuing part HBCUs play in nurturing and sustaining African American artists and art.
Delta Arts Center presents “Invitational 2022 @ Delta Arts,” our biennial juried exhibition. The exhibit features the works of African-American artists from across the state of North Carolina. The exhibition includes works in a wide variety of media, styles, and themes, by a mix of both established and emerging artists. “Invitational 2022 @ Delta Arts runs from April through August 2022.


Previous Exhibits:

Art has always affected social change, and our social justice series this fall will serve as a reminder of this. With the return of The People’s Gallery @ Delta Arts Center, we invite you to join us as we embrace the role of the arts in social justice.
Touched by the commonalities that all Africans in America share, Diane Britton Dunham creates works that celebrate the common traditions of the historically African American cultures, particularly those of the Lowcountry of South Carolina and the coastal parishes of Louisiana.

From the Vault: John Biggers
An exhibit of the art of John Biggers, featuring works from our permanent collection. The ten educational panels that narrate the mural project commissioned by Delta Fine Arts are included, along with a poster signed by the artist, five prints by John Biggers, and one drawing by James Biggers (evidence of his uncle’s influence).
Delta Arts Center
2611 New Walkertown Rd
Winston-SalemNC 27101