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Creativity Inspired... Get crafty this weekend! (Read on for a cool Project Idea!) - Delta Arts Center
  • 23 May 13
    • AUTHOR Magalie Yacinthe
    • CATEGORY Blog

    Creativity Inspired… Get crafty this weekend! (Read on for a cool Project Idea!)

    Special thanks from all of us at the Delta Arts Center to the many talented African-American quilters who exhibited in our quilt show and over 50 senior visual artists (age 60+) who are showcased in our current senior arts show. Creativity can be inspired in anyone at any age. Over 500 children tapped into not only their math skills but also their creative minds while engaging in the quilt making process during our quilt show. And seniors from the across the community are letting their artistic talents be celebrated and appreciated in our current Second Spring Senior Visual Arts Exhibit.

    But why should kids & seniors have all the fun? Why not get crafty yourself this weekend! Tap into YOUR inner artist! Twist some wire, paint a jar, collect some things from nature for a one-of-kind picture frame, or break out the paints and brushes and go all out!

    Or you can make your own No-Sew Quilt Squares using pieces of scrap fabric or old clothes to create a wall hanging or table runner that will add creativity and personal flair to your home or delight a loved one with a warm, creative gift made with love. The possibilities are endless and you have nothing to lose and a wonderful artful experience to gain! Go for it!


    So here’s how you get started with your Quilt Square project…

    What you need:

    Fabrics (9in x 9in square as your base piece; 3in x 3in squares-can be cut into smaller triangles, rectangles, etc)

    Scissors (optional: quilting fabric rolling cutter)

    Glue (not rubber cement), spray adhesive, or *fabric iron-on bonding tape (*preferred)


    Firm work surface

    An open mind, a playful spirit, and a cup of your favorite hot beverage


    What you do:

    Cut a 9in x 9in square of plain fabric to use as your base piece for placing your shapes on

    Cut smaller 3in x 3in squares of different color and patterned fabrics for making your designs

    Experiment with the 3in squares on the 9in base square (a simple quilt square could consist of 9 small 3in squares arranged side by side, 3 across, 3 down, and 1 in the middle.(In quilting, this is called the “9-patch” pattern)

    Cut the small 3in squares in half to make smaller shapes (in half length wise to make rectangles or on the diagonal to make triangles)

    Start imagining and getting excited at the pattern possibilities!

    Play around with arranging the shapes. Your pattern can be linear, revolve around a center point, making sure the shape edges meet/touch/lined up, are centered, and symmetrical. If you are feeling adventurous, try an abstract pattern.

    When you are pleased with your arrangement, use the glue or iron-on fabric adhesive tape to adhere the shapes to the 9x9in base square piece

    Hold up and admire your accomplishment

    Repeat process to make more 9x9in squares (same design of different)

    Make at least 4 to 9 separate 9in square patterns to assemble a larger quilt piece (a 4-square quilt will measure 18” x 18” and a 9-square quilt will measure, so you will need a large piece of fabric to adhere all the 9” base squares to)

    Your quilt does not have to be square. Feel free to join 3 in a vertical or horizontal row. In making art, the choice is yours!