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Artists Talk: Black History Month 2016 - Delta Arts Center
  • 03 Mar 16
    • AUTHOR Magalie Yacinthe
    • CATEGORY Blog

    Artists Talk: Black History Month 2016

    Artists Talk: Black History Month 2016

    During the month of February, we reached out to artists from the current exhibit- Invitational 2016, featuring almost 50 works by 22 African-American artists from across the state of North Carolina- and asked them key questions surrounding Art and Black Culture. We wanted to explore their views on the role of Art in the Black Consciousness Movement. Listed below are the questions we asked the artists. You can find their responses by clicking on their names below.


    1. Tell us about yourself. Who you are and what you do? What’s your background? How do you identify; is cultural identity at the front of your work/process?
    2. For decades and particularly during this country’s civil rights movement, many high profile artists of color were expected to represent that struggle in their work. When they did not they were often called out and criticized by peers and movement leaders for not moving the cause forward.  Do you feel it’s your responsibility to promote social change, cultural reflection, race, gender, class issues, etc. in your artwork?
    3. What other ways can artists/activists engage the movement outside of developing lyrics, music, images that speaks specifically to the movement?
    4. Black women have always been an integral part of American civil rights movements, but women have not always received the credit for their work. Which black women do you believe currently embody the spirit of the black women activists of the past?
    5. How do artists with less exposure engage in the movement? In what ways could their lack of public exposure work on their behalf?

    Artists: Donald Sawyer, Jr.Pamela Cola, George Steele, Carolina Corona, Frank Woods, Cornell Jones

    You can visit the Delta Arts Center during our normal gallery hours to view the exhibit. The Invitational 2016 is available to view until April 30, 2016. The Delta Arts Center is free and open to the public.