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An Afternoon at the Center - Delta Arts Center
  • 13 Mar 13
    • AUTHOR Magalie Yacinthe
    • CATEGORY Blog

    An Afternoon at the Center

    I was pleased to spend my Saturday afternoon hosting the visitors to the Delta Arts Center. We truly cannot appreciate the value we bring to the community if you do not have the opportunity to share the love of the arts with others. I met a wonderful couple from High Point that had come over to see the quilt show. They asked lots of questions about the organizational history, they marveled at the show and then headed off to my restaurant recommendation – Sweet Potatoes – for lunch. (I hope my directions were good and they enjoyed it).

    Then a group of three women came in, one was a quilter and they thoroughly enjoyed the show as well. One shared that as a young crafter, she had her Mom and sister make yo-yo’s (one of our quilt types) that she still had in a box. She was inspired to go home, pull them out and maybe make a yo-yo quilt or one of the other patterns she saw in the show.

    Another threesome came in from Kernersville – Mother, Daughter and Daughter’s Husband. The girls were quilters and the daughter had taken classes from the author of the Underground Railroad quilt book on display in the Center with the quilt.

    The day was not complete until Mya (a wonderful six year old) and her Mother, a serious quilter from Winston-Salem came to the Center. Mya was a delight and really enjoyed seeing the quilts and wanted to know how many people worked there that had done all the quilts.

    Samplers and Symmetry IV has been an amazing show and demonstrates that art of all types really does bring all people together.

    Submitted by Cynthia Jeffries, Board President, WS Delta Fine Arts Inc.