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Delta Arts Center is an art gallery, cultural center, and rental facility located in East Winston Salem- the heart of the local African-American community. Our exhibitions are free and open to the public, and our programming reaches 7,000 visitors annually. We invite you to attend our events and visit us. Annual donations allows the Center to carry out its mission.


  • Artists Corps Serves Here

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    Delta Arts Center, a service site of ArtistCorps UNCSA, facilitates visual arts programs.  Through the DAC visual arts engagement program, youth receive visual art instruction, exposure, and integration with Common Core and Essential Standards.

  • Facility Rental


    The Delta Arts Center’s modern facility is available to the community for events, programs, meetings, and conferences.

    For more information about space rental and all programs offered please call us at 336.722.2625.


  • Delta Arts About Town


    Delta Art Center’s volunteers bring arts & crafts activities for all ages to community events.  Let the Center know about your event, at least 30 days in advance.  Contact Nadiyah Quander at